Time for new projects!

It has been silent around Silhouette for a while. But we have been quite busy: Brian and MaryO released their album Mantelpeace under the name of the Realisea-project; Jurjen, Daniel and Rob are working on a new Incidense album; Erik and his sons Bart and Arjan are currently recording an album with a project called Chain Reaktor; he will contribute to the third TumbleTown album and Daniel will release his solo album in November.

We also have some plans for Silhouette as well. We might re-release our Silhouette debut album “A maze”  this fall, after many requests from fans. We might also put a bonus track on this album – a song which didn’t make it to the final CD but we now think is (finally!) ready.

And last but not least: we have plans to release a new Silhouette album in 2021. So there is much to look forward to and we will keep you informed of any progress.

In the mean time we hope you still enjoy our latest album The World is Flat. The World is Flat is not a concept album like the previous one, lyrically and musically, you will recognize an introspective mood all over the album. “The World is Flat” is foremost a statement about shallowness around us. We start searching for existential depth in our private lives, behind the protection of closed blinds in our homes. That is when we discover in the end it is all about living the moment, in the here and now.

March of Peace – Official Music Video