The wait is over! Beyond the Seventh Wave, the fourth album by Silhouette, has been released!

The album was presented in Cultuurpodium de Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands on the 23rd of November 2014. It was a 93 minute show with several guests musicians to showcase the songs as they were recorded on the album. Already, the album has received several positive reviews on various Progressive rock webzines and magazines.

Tom MacLean (Haken, To-Mera, Euphonia UK)

"Listening to 'Beyond the Seventh Wave' takes me back to those classic prog rock albums by bands such as Kansas, Yes, Genesis, Marillion, IQ etc. during their 80s periods.

The production is immaculate and spacious, with one foot in the past (walls of analog synths) and one in the future."

Les Dougan (Aragon)

"Bloody bastards...This is a brilliant album......I'm Jealous"


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If you haven't heard the album yet, it's available to check out on Spotify! You can also purchase the album in the Store.

Besides that, the single "Wings to Fly" is available below: