Silhouette's new single is here! In Solitary is a part of the story told on their album "Beyond the Seventh Wave". This song describes the hunger for freedom, the need to break free and the struggle not to go insane when one feels locked 'in solitary'.

The single is dedicated to all those freedom fighters in the world who try to preserve their human dignity while being imprisoned and tortured.

The single is for sale as a separate Radio Edit on BandCamp. It will be available on iTunes and Spotify very soon as well!

Listen and watch (on FULL SCREEN!) here:

Silhouette will be playing Vlaardingen as a wrap-up for the 'Beyond the Seventh Wave release tour'. This show will be an intimate one without the guest musicians, but it will be great! It will be the last show Silhouette will play before starting to focus on new material (but of course nobody knows what could happen).

All shows have been a blast for the band and they have enjoyed every one of them. The band would like to thank everyone for coming to the shows and they hope that y'all will be itching to witness the last leg in the 'Beyond the Seventh Wave tour'.

This show will be played with local band Picklelegaz in 'Kroepoekfabriek, Vlaardingen'. Tickets can be purchased here!

Silhouette have done it! iO Pages have announced the winner of the iO Pages prog award 2014, and Silhouette made it to 1st place! A huge Thank You for everyone who voted for the new album "Beyond the Seventh Wave"!

The statuette has been awarded on April 18th 2015 at the ProgKampen event in Kampen! It was a great show combining a farewell for previous bass player Gerrit-Jan Bloemink, award celebration and two hours of old and new material in one awesome whole of a show!

We're extremely proud of receiving this award and will continue making our music worth while!