Brian de Graeve

Which instruments do you play? Including brands and effects.

I’m Silhouette’s lead singer and responsible for most of the lead vocals.  On stage I also do a lot of guitar playing, mainly on my Freshman 12 string guitar backing up Daniels beautiful lead sounds, giving it a warm carpet feeling. In the heavy songs I use my de Gier custom made guitar when Daniel plays a melodic part to back up with distortion chords.

What bands or artists made you want to become a rock musician?

I always wanted to compose music like Marilion. Both Steve Rothery  (for the melodic guitar solo)  and Steve Hogarth (brilliant voice) are sort of role models for me. I also really envy Ton Scherpenzeel for the way he can compose melodic rock songs. It was a dream come true when he suddenly contacted me with the question if I would like to do backing vocals on his solo album (the Lions Dream, 2013)….. now he’s returning the favour by contributing a keyboard solo on our new album.

Which three CDs would you like to take with you on an uninhabited island?

Marillion – Script for a jesters tear, Marilion – Seasons end, Arena – the visitor

How and when did you end up with Silhouette?

Well … I think this must have been 1989, when I decided that I wanted to create my own music and put it on the first map I bought to keep all my compositions safe.

In 2001 I finally found a brother in musical arms  in the person of former drummer, Jos Uffing. We had an instant click and wanted to create the same kind of music…progressive melodic rock but keeping the song intact (a chorus to sing along).

In 2004 we did an active search for fellow musicians to form a band (for we didn’t want to become a studio band). Gert jan Bloemink, Henny van Veenendaal en Toine Riesewijck joined the club.  This is what I consider to be the birth of Silhouette.

What’s your favourite Silhouette song?

It must be Devil’s island! This will be a track on the new album. I consider this of one of the best things I’ve ever written, and it’s unbelievable what Erik has done with it since he picked it up and started arranging the song using half an orchestra with violins, cello , clarinet and backing vocals.