Daniël van der Weijde

Which instruments do you play? Including brands and effects.

Since the age of 13, I play the guitar. Most of the time I play electric but I also play various acoustic guitars.

My main Axe is the Music Man John Petrucci JP-6, full option. It’s the most brilliant guitar I’ve ever played. Before and even still, I play(ed) Ibanez guitars. Still use a premium 7 string in red dessert and an Artcore AFS 75 jazz guitar.

When it comes to guitar effects, BOSS is in my opinion the best out there. I bought a GT-8 as my first multi effects processor and now I’m using it’s big brother, the GT-100 to do all the complicated effects work.

My choice of amps are from Blackstar Amplification. These amps have such a lot of horse power but still manage to keep a brilliant clean sound. Something I missed in my older Vox Amps.

What bands or artists made you want to become a rock musician?

When I was young, my dad always played a lot of music in the car and at home. I grew up with music from U2, Simple Minds, Björk, Marillion, Within Temptation, Ayreon etc etc and when I saw live DVD’s of these bands playing their music for so many people, I knew I wanted to be on a stage like that someday playing my own music!

Which three CDs would you like to take with you on an uninhabited island?

Ayreon – 01011001
Dream Theater – Score live CD (20th anniversary world tour)
U2- Achtung Baby
Very diverse… but hé, you need to have some diversity when you’re on a uninhabited island for a while :p

How did you end up with Silhouette?

At the march 2013 Marillion convention, I had the opportunity to play with Marillion because I had won the swap the band contest for guitar. After my performance Erik came by at the bar with the question whether or not I would be interested to play in the Dutch prog rock band Silhouette. From one thing comes another and next thing I know is that I play live at great venues, making my 1st Cd ever and have a new very warm and kind musical family.

What’s your favourite Silhouette song?

My ultimate favorite would be the instrumental "Escape" on "Beyond the Seventh Wave". That tune sounds badass!

What else is worth telling our fans of your life outside of Silhouette?

 Well, since I am 21, I’m stil studying to become a teacher for primary school (teaching kids about prog and good music haha) and I have a very lovely girlfriend!