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Which instruments do you play? Including brands and effects.

I have been playing multiple instruments since I was 8 years old. I started off with the recorder, as many of that age might. After two years I wanted to continue with a classical instrument and chose the French Horn. Unfortunately there was no horn available for me (on lease from the orchestra I signed up for) at that moment so I took a year of Keyboard lessons and a year of Flugelhorn lessons to get the hang of music in general. After that the French Horn was available and I could finally start playing in the orchestra. I played there for about 6 years before I decided it was not entirely for me.

In the meantime, when I was 14, I stumbled upon the bass guitar. From the very first moment I held one it stole my heart. I started playing some tunes, taught myself how to cover my then favorite musicians and joined a band. Since then I never stopped playing and still love it!

My current equipment consists of an Ibanez SRFF806 and a Yamaha RBX6JM2 (John Myung signature bass). I will mostly be using my SRFF806 to emphasize the difference between active and passive bass playing in Silhouette. For a bit more body I use a Tech21 NYC VT Bass Overdrive stomp box. Concerning amplification I am currently using an Ashdown RM-MAG-420 Rootmaster top with RM-MAG-414T Rootmaster cabinet.

What bands or artists made you want to become a rock musician?

In my early years, my father played lots of music at home every day. I grew up with Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Ekseption, Alan Parson’s Project, ELO, Mike Oldfield, and so on. The band that stuck the most was Pink Floyd. During my teenage years I moved between a few different styles, keeping Symphonic Rock as a constant factor. Then I heard Dream Theater and I was sold to Progressive Rock/Metal. Getting my first bass guitar only strengthened this love for music.

Which three CD’s would you like to take with you on an uninhabited island?

Dream Theater – Score live
Haken – Affinity
Pink Floyd – The Wall

How did you end up with Silhouette?

In July 2014, Erik contacted me because they were looking for a new bass player to replace GJ. He found an advert I placed on the internet in January 2014. After a few phone calls back and forth between me, Erik and Brian we decided to have an audition in August. A few days later though, Erik called me again asking if I would be up to coming in the next day to record a song they were working on for the release of the next album (Beyond the Seventh Wave). That was a surprise but I thought: “Why not?”

So the next day I drove to the studio to record the song and it was awesome! That being said, Erik invited me again to come the next week to record another song for the new album. All said and done, we recorded the second song.

A few days after recording the second song, the audition took place and I met all the other guys. There was a positive click, both musically and personally, and thus we hit it off.

What’s your favourite Silhouette song?

My personal favorite is on the album “Beyond the Seventh Wave”. This masterpiece is called “Lost Paradise”.

Jurjen Bergsma

bass player